David Cline is a 23-year-old photographer and songwriter living in Chicago, Illinois.

He can't start a day without coffee or end it without learning something new. Mostly, his time is split between his camera, his friends and recording and performing music. David is most proud of the collaborations he's done with members of Chicago's vibrant community, most recently the Chicago Comedy Film Festival, The Color Run, Visuals By Esli, Save The World, and Lake Shore Dive.  He is the in-studio photographer at The Workroom Sessions in Andersonville, and a proud collaborator of LoftX Music in Logan Square. 

He'd like to thank his Mom, Dad, Lo, Sar, Lizzie, Moosh, Jordan, Baby Mac, Leatha, Cam, Es, Steve, Al, Rick, Adam, Kait, Mal, Anna-Marie, Thano, Flack, Madison, Jon-Jon, Nikki, Maggs, Jules, Jill, Johnnyboges, and anyone who's ever made him laugh.